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Since 1951 we have worked towards the perfection of our designs, developing different manufacturing lines, from the original, traditional boot, to the current safety and industrial boot, to the current safety and industrial models, all of witch are designed for use in extreme conditions. We hace adapted our structure in order to be able to offer the product witch best meets the needs of the user at all times, an ideal product for people who demand and value safety above all else, people who share our maxims: Comfort, Ergonomics, Safety and Strength.


Our industrial production system, vased on the craftsmanship of "stitched" footwear, guarantees maximun durability and comfort.


For Curtidos Galaicos, quality and the enviroment are of upmost importance in the manufacturing process, Our advanced Quality and Enviroment Control System meets the most recent European Standard, and we has awarded us the Quality, Enviroment and Emas Certificate.